Once you provide all this information to the medical negligence solicitor, he or she will assess your claim. This is the stage where only a preliminary discussion can be held because further decisions are possible only when the medical evidence is produced. With the help of the medical evidence, the lawyer will be able to form a view of your claim. Here the lawyer should provide you with the following:

  • The chances of success of your claim if at all
  • A basic idea of the amount of compensation they can win for you
  • An estimate of the legal costs involved in filing a claim
  • The approximate amount of time that your claim will take

The next step

Once your solicitor negligence has all the information provided by you, he or she will assess the claim and decide whether or not to file a claim. Many people choose to settle the case out of court with the policy agency of the doctor. However, you must remember in mind that every insurance agency will try to settle the claim for the minimum amount possible. This is the reason that it is sometimes better to file a claim. However, even if you plan to settle outside court, then you should involve your solicitor in the negotiations because he or she will be able to get you a better deal even in an out of court settlement. Some people don’t mind the hassle of fighting a court case and take the case to trial. This is advisable only if your solicitor is entirely sure of winning the case. This is because there is a lot of trauma and hassle that you will face in court while trying to prove your case.