Employee relations refer to an organisation’s efforts to manage the relationship between the employer and the employee, most organisations in United Kingdom have put so much effortinto managing the relationship with their employees because good relationship creates a culture of loyalty amongst the employees and thus the company is able to utilise the employees to their full capacity.

Most companies understand that the most important part of the organisation is the human capital and as they enable the organisation to run smoothly. There are various things that must be put in place this are known as employee relations policies this is are the rules and procedures put in place to govern employee-work related matters they clearly state how a problem that arises should be handled to create harmony amongst everybody involved to ensure the best for productivity and efficiency within the organisation.

The human resource department is assigned the task to make sure that the policies are followed fairly and equally.Most companies in the United Kingdom have an appointed employee relations officer within the organisation who is mandated with the task of solving employee-company related issues. This will allow them to bring real expertise to the issue and ensure employees are properly cared for.

The most important feature that employee relations program is expected to address is the issue of communication employees need to feel engaged in the business, they need to be informed of what is happening in the organisation it should create more of an engaging culture rather than a dismissive one .this is because once the management does not involve the employees this may adversely create low morale thus affecting the ultimate goal of the organisation which is profits. Employees should feel that their concerns are being heard.

To create good employee relations the company can use both formal ie. Emails and memos, and also informal ie. day-to-day interactions amongst the employees at the workplace. Through this they can raise grievances and thus the rules set to address such issues come into place through the formal means in the United Kingdom suggestion boxes are a mandatory to all public organisations.